Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Conservative Problem vis-a-viz The European Union?

I suppose the question can be summed up in just two words - David Cameron, but as that, would of necessity, negate the content of this post, please bear with me.

Today there have been two posts of note, one by Helen Szamuely at Your Freedom and Ours; the other by John Ward at The Slog. Helen Szamuely posts on an article by Iain Martin of the Wall Street Journal in which Martin ponders the lack of opposition to the EU by Tory MPs, bearing in mind certain matters which have been approved with barely a murmur of discontent.

Consider the findings of a poll conducted by Conservative Home amongst the candidates for the top 220 Tory target seats - and commented upon in an article in the Guardian. When one remembers that all but two candidates for Tory seats were selected from those chosen and approved by Tory Central, it is therefore hardly surprising that there has been no murmur of discontent amongst their MPs. It is also a fact that during the election campaign Tory candidates were 'controlled' by CCHQ on any statements concerning the European Union. This is borne out by the findings of the Albion Alliance during the 2010 general election, when they published replies from Tory candidates to emails and letters sent by members of the electorate requesting a referendum and asking whether those candidates supported that request. It is not unreasonable to state that 99% of the replies received had used the 'template' supplied by CCHQ, with maybe a minor tweak here and there.

The Conservative Party presented itself as the Europsceptic party during the Euro elections of 2009, after which their Leader performed the biggest 'U' turn that has been witnessed in history. They then repeated their Eurosceptism during the 2010 general election. It can also be justifiably argued that not one of the three party leaders wished to discuss 'Europe' during the general election, witnessed by the fact that it only received just a few minutes attention during the second debate, part of the sham that was the "Leader's Debate".

Contrary to their manifesto (page 103), their website at the time of the election and the Coalition programme for government (page 19), they promised no further powers would be transferred without a referendum. Iain Martin's article notes four areas where power has been transferred, yet no referendum has been granted.

It must therefore follow that Cameron and his party are guilty of deceit; they are guilty of lying; they have no understanding of honour, principle or patriotism, being obviously more concerned about personal standing, privilege and power; and consequently they are unworthy of holding office. Yet another unfortunate example of how our democracy is indeed broken is that those accusations can be levied at 80/90% of their parliamentary colleagues.

As history has shown, those in public life found to be deceitful, liars, dishonourable, unprincipled and unpatriotic have both metaphorically and physically invariably 'danced on air' at the end of a piece of hemp. Our political finest would do well to remember that salutory lesson!


Quiet_Man said...

What would a politician of today's political class know of honour?

It's a forgotten concept to most.

Daniel1979 said...

Definitely guilty of deceit. Any Tory who still claims they are an EU-Sceptic party is guilty of the same.

Anonymous said...

We're beyond the point of MPs learning salutory lessons' Learning lessons means making honest errors, and our MPs are not honest.

When it comes to the Tories and the EU (did Iain Martin forget to mention the vote at the UN for a greater EU voice?), they are the party who have most decieved the British people. They are clearly not Eurosceptic, and have lied to us again in what effectively is a contrick designed to get them returned as the latest set of EU Barons. This is what our General Elections have come to; we elect the politicians who will recieve the pay-offs from the EU kings in return for the country having been turned over. Even the MPs who aren't in the vanguard of the Cameronian clique, their silence in return for a share of the perks of the Westminster Parliament is as wicked.

So, you talk about hemp serving as a lesson. Its past lesson learning time. It's long overdue time to serve justice.

Anonymous said...

There has to be more to it than this. Politicians tell lies and Cameron is a politician. No,this is something that everyone above the age of five knows already.

Not only do they tell lies they also cheat and commit fraud. see how the "honest few" that protested their innocence during the expenses scandel had their dirty secrets. Half an hour by public transport from the commons and they still billed for a london flat.

So, not only do they cheat and commit fraud they also have no concept of moral decency.

They said they were Eurosceptic did they? And you believed them and gave them your vote? shame on you.

Next they will tell you they are all about big society implying they believe in small government. What will you make of that then? They will tell you that they will be cutting waste from government. What do you think they will actually do?

Yes, maybe you're learning and as the penny drops with the rest of the country so will the turnout at election time.

They will whistle and tell you the population is complacent, we know it's something else.

Not much we can do about a bunch of scumballs who have rigged democracy against us, other than refuse to vote for them.

Witterings from Witney said...

QM, Daniel1979 A (1) & (2)- agreed.

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