Saturday, 18 September 2010

Geoffrey Leans On Credulity

With his latest comment piece in the Telegraph, one which seems to ignore the most simplest of responses to the problems he outlines.
"Partly, that's because we are two nations when it comes to the weather. The North and West normally get plenty of rain – often more than they want – but the South and East receive less than some parts of the Mediterranean. Added to which, it's the most heavily populated part of the country. Things are only going to get worse. Another one and half million homes have been planned for the overcrowded region over the next 15 years. And global warming is expected to sharpen the dampness divide over the next 70, increasing rainfall sharply in the wet part of the country and cutting it by as much as half in the South and East........As the South East gets drier, the damper part of the country is likely to suffer increasing floods, with "extremely wet winters" up to five times more common. Already flooding is twice as frequent as it was 100 years ago, and the Environment Agency expects it to increase tenfold over coming decades. Yet half of all the housing built in Britain since the Second World War – covering a total area the size of the West Midlands – has been plonked down on land prone to inundation."
So, how about a proper 'water distribution grid'; how about sensible planning laws that do not allow building on flood plains; how about a proper control on immigration, which is the main need for all extra housing; how about Geoffrey Lean takes off his mentalist mantle and begins using logic?
"Sea levels are expected to rise – by at least 16in near London, for example – and droughts and extreme downpours to increase."
With all that extra water - and desalination plants - we are going to have a water shortage?


Chuckles said...

The sea level rises by at least 16 inches near London twice a day. probably more like 5m in fact. It's called the tide...

Anonymous said...

I could never understand why they built on flood plains, we were taught about them in Geography, first year, 1944. And these planning idiots keep on doing it. I knew education was bad but, hells teeth, do they not teach anything nowadays.