Friday, 26 November 2010

Another Major "Announcement"

James Kirkup, "political correspondent" of the Telegraph, writes on a speech given by John Major at Churchill College, Cambridge.

It would be accepted, I believe, that Major was a "Liberal Conservative" - in the same mould as Cameron, so his views on prolonging the Coalition come as no surprise, at least to this blogger.

Major's view that:
"It may be that a temporary alliance will turn into a mini-realignment of politics: after all, in a world that is changing so comprehensively, why should politics not change, too?"
may well be one that comes back to bite him, especially if what are now referred to as 'Minor Parties' get their act together, coupled with the fact the media allow them to get their message to the electorate via the 'added publicity' that fair and unbiased media reporting would give.

That Cameron has surrounded himself with like-minded "Liberal Conservatives" is illustrated by Maude's comment:
"the Coalition produces better policies than an all-Conservative government"
which either means Maude truly is a "Liberal Conservative", or he is ensuring he keeps his ministerial position and salary!

James Kirkup writes about the fact that some Tory MPs are unhappy with the Coalition agreement as they feel it "dilutes" what Kirkup calls "traditional Tory polices", included in which he mentions "Europe". As I mentioned earlier, in Carswell -v- WfW, those traditional Tory MPs, who like to consider themselves Eurosceptics, sure are keeping a low profile!

Afterthought: Why is it that policicians, when they "retire", can't just retire? Unless of course, as in Major's case, they are trying to "Currie" favour?

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"Liberal Conservative" = communitarian.