Thursday, 25 November 2010

British Justice - The envy of the World?

Courtesy of Ambush Predator my attention is drawn to two cases reported in the Mail here and here. Even allowing for what some term 'typical Mail journalistic licence', one has to presume the basic facts are correct.

When we are continually lectured by our politicians about behaving ourselves, about equality and diversity, human rights - and all the other crap with which they, in their wisdom (highly debatable), consider is necessary for us to lead our lives within the ordered society they are creating - HTF do situations such as those highlighted above happen?

To recap: a terminally-ill man suffers a beating and due to a legal 'mistake' his attacker only receives a 12 month suspended sentence and told to do 120 hours unpaid work? Then to add insult to injury he is informed by a senior district crown prosecutor that:
"It will be of little comfort to you personally but we will be taking the matter up with the barrister and the police and make sure that lessons are learned."
A woman commits robbery, injures a PCSO and is allowed to take a 7 week holiday, prior to sentencing, because the Chairman of the Bench has to inquire if:
"Is it relevant for your client to go on holiday?"
the question has to be asked: just WTF is going on?

At the end of the day one also has to question just WTF Ken Clarke is being paid for out of my, our, taxes!

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john in cheshire said...

Vigilantism is long overdue in our country. If the systems that we pay for don't give us justice, why then are we not permitted to exact it ourselves?