Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Irish Times Says What Any Worthy Media Outlet In The UK Should Say!

The Irish Times has an editorial which everyone should read, especially our politicians - and equate it with the situation we in Britain are now experiencing. The editorial is headed "Was it for this?"

Some extracts are worthy of repetition and these should be shoved sideways - and with great force - up the appropriate orifice of our own politicians:
"The true ignominy of our current situation is not that our sovereignty has been taken away from us, it is that we ourselves have squandered it."
"It is the incompetence of the governments we ourselves elected that has so deeply compromised our capacity to make our own decisions."
"What we do expect, however, is that those decisions will still be our own. A nation’s independence is defined by the choices it can make for itself."
"To drag this State down from those heights and make it again subject to the decisions of others is an achievement that will not soon be forgiven."
Echoing the sentiments expressed by the Irish Times and applying them to the United Kingdom, one can but repeat that the past centuries have involved the United Kingdom fighting many wars to protect our country, its democracy and traditions. Every November we hold a ceremony at the Cenotaph to honour those who have died in two World Wars and those more recent. And for what, exactly, did those that we honour sacrifice their lives?

As the Irish Times so eloquently writes, a nation's independence is defined by the choices it can make for itself - that is what sovereignty is about. Unlike Ireland, where referendums are required - and where if the response of the electorate is not that wanted, they then insist on a rigged re-run - we in the United Kingdom have had to watch, unasked, while our politicians gave away our powers of self-government, in the process not only debasing us, but themselves.

This afternoon David Cameron, appearing at a hearing before the Select Committee Chairmen, refused to discuss any aspect of the Ireland problem, stating he felt it would be wrong to pass comment on the difficulties of another nation. FFS, what else does he do at PMQs but give us his opinion on Afghanistan, the United States et all!

I can but repeat that history has shown, on more than one occasion, retribution by a nation's people is finite and, invariably, extremely bloody!


Leg-iron said...

...stating he felt it would be wrong to pass comment on the difficulties of another nation.

He had no trouble telling the Chinese how they should run their country recently.

So some of the Irish have finally realised what it was they voted for? Perhaps now the IRA will finally stop bombing the UK. We aren't in charge of Norn Iron any more, and as Cameron said (between the lines) we have no say at all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Freeborn Englishman

There are those who claim it is beyond the competence of Her Majesty the Queen to give away our sovereignty. That it is beyond the competence of the House of Commons, or the House of Lords. It is even claimed that it is beyond the competence of the British people to give away their sovereignty. Arguably if one true Briton objects, then all the others must fail.

We have not been granted the latter opportunity to fail to gift away ‘our’ sovereignty and that of our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren...

It follows therefore that we have not lost any sovereignty, and it is all still wholly intact.

Therefore it behoves every true Englishman and Englishwoman to act in accord with this fact, and reject all and any and every claim by all and any and every foreign power over their land and their person.

Start now.


Witterings From Witney said...

Leg-iron: Had noted the China factor too - forget to mention that in the post!

Accept your other comments

Anonymous: Accept your points. I really do believe that eventually the people will have to 'Take Westminstr' and dish out some retribution!