Sunday, 21 November 2010

Carswell A Eurosceptic?

Douglas Carswell post about an article written by Fraser Nelson in the News of the World (pay per  view) in which the latter argues for repatriation of powers in return for providing aid to Ireland.

What is it that journalists (so-called) - and it seems certain Eurosceptic (so-called) politicians - do not understand about 'repatriation of powers'? Were that to happen, it would open the floodgates whereby other member states would want to do likewise, resulting in the disintegration of the EU - and its aim of total economic and political integration - and this the EU ain't going to allow happen.

It also begs the question why a Eurosceptic (so-called) politician should even begin to welcome such a suggestion as that of Fraser Nelson's. Perhaps these Eurosceptic Conservative politicians have caught 'Cameronitis' - a disease whereby one appears Eurosceptic, but in fact is quite the reverse.


Nomine said...

Mirror politics , where you say one thing and do the polar opposite, and the proles still believe you are working hard for them!!pass me the revolver old chap its time to make sure we are not captured alive!

Sue said...

I think any rhetoric on "collapses" of anything EU works to our advantage.

The growing conjecture of EU failure being bandied about will undoubtedly aid it's demise.

Look at the fuss Hague has caused :)

john in cheshire said...

Me being pedantic, perhaps - it may be more accurate to refer to Mr Cameron's condition as a 'cameronosis'. I think it better describes what is happening since it is more an abnormality than an inflammation?

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a term for the deception that pretend Eurosceptics engage in, and Nomine supplied it.

Its safe to talk about things that will never happen. In the meantime, you are putting on a good show for the donkeys. Talk about the EU failing is for this purpose. Can anyone imagine that the criminals will risk going back to a constitutional state whereby they were eligible for long stints in prison - or worse? Will they trade in their palaces for cells? Those already collaborating with it don't want the EU to fail. They would rather us dead.

Anonymous said...

See also - a real alternative...

Witterings From Witney said...

nomine: agreed.

sue: Hague: what fuss is that?

jic: you're forgiven!

Anonymous (1)P: your supposition accepted.

Anonymous (2) will have a dekko.