Saturday, 27 November 2010

Open Your Eyes Woman!

Jenny McCartney, Sunday Telegraph, has had a little 'hissy fit' - as do those in her 'trade' who write about matters they know not much about - on the question of the European Union ruling that prisoners have the right to vote. Ms. McCartney complains that this is something that only our Parliament should decide, whilst complaining that the EU "treats our elected representatives like a line-up of naughty schoolboys". The fact that our elected representatives are no better than naughty schoolboys, with a mentality to match, seems to have escaped Ms. McCartneys notice - but again, I digress......

Our Jenny seems to believe that it is acceptable for the EU to impose decisions on our country affecting "trade, food labelling, pollution and clean beaches", yet baulks at decisions affecting prisoners right to vote. Does this woman not realise that any decisions affecting our country should be taken by our elected representatives? (assuming we had any worth electing, that is).

Gene Hunt, on Twitter, asked why we never see Snowwomen - only Snowmen, to which the answer was that it takes too long to empty the space inside their heads*. Jenny McCartney is a prime example of why Gene Hunt is correct!

* Pre-empting any howls of protest from my lady readers, I hasten to add I only apply this to journalists of the female gender!


Sue said...

I thought it was the European Court of Human Rights ruling? Not the EU.

Witterings From Witney said...

True Sue, but as a member of the EU it is obligatory that we accept rulings by the ECHR - hence it is the fault of our membership of the EU?