Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Good Question About UKIP

Wm Hill have odds of 10/1 on UKIP gaining a parliamentary seat at the next election (which could be well worth a wager, if.....) at the same time posting this caveat:
"Mr Farage's biggest challenge will be to convince the British electorate that his Party is electable in domestic Elections as well as in European ones' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe."
And therein lies UKIP's biggest problem, that of convincing the British electorate that they are a credible force in our political scene - in other words can they bang the 'domestic drum' as loud as the 'EU drum'?

What forced me to resign as a Branch Chairman - and ceasing to take any active involvement in the party - was the total disregard, exhibited by those in adminsitrative positions, of the problems the party faced in its lack of administration and internal organisation; its apparent disregard of the opinions of those with ideas and expertise.

The policies that UKIP proposed in their manifesto, at the last General Election, would have appealed to any 'true' Conservative or those of Libertarian beliefs and yet that manifesto failed to hit the 'bullseye'. The reason lies, without doubt, in the problems outlined in the previous paragraph.

Nigel Farage is, by his own admission, not an 'Admin Person' and one can but hope that those he has appointed to key positions actually do possess the ability and expertise that is required.

Time will tell................or this blogger might well be looking for somewhere else to 'place his cross' at the next opportunity!

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