Friday, 19 November 2010

Who Can't Count?

Herman Van Rompuy delivered a speech to the EPP Conference, the title of which conference was "Stability, security, prosperity -- the future of Europe and the Euro." Beginning his speech Van Rompuy said:
"The title of your conference today is massive: "Stability, security, prosperity -- the future of Europe and the Euro." Starting from these six words, one could talk about almost anything; it gives a great sense of freedom!"
Err, I make that ten words, but whose counting - obviously not Van Rompuy! No wonder, in the EU, 2 + 2 never equals 4! Probably why their accounts have never been 'signed off'?

One of the notable passages in this speech was this:
"We are all convinced now that a common currency necessitates a convergence in economic policy and therefore of economic developments. And this convergence, obviously, should not be downwards, but upwards!We have now experienced that a common currency intertwines our destinies. The problems in one country cannot be separated from those of another country. We are interlinked. In the same logic, one can conclude that in a common currency area the national and the European interest coincide."
Recall Article 3.4 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU):
"The Union shall establish an economic and monetary union whose currency is the euro."
Personally I don't care what 'opt-outs', 'declarations', 'agreements' - choose your own word/definition - that the United Kingdom has about not joining the euro. As we have seen only too well, what the EU wants the EU gets!

Actually, it also has to be asked what is 'afoot'? In this respect I refer you to the document "The Coalition - our programme for government." and page 19:
"We will ensure that Britain does not join or prepare to join the Euro in this Parliament."
Why only "this Parliament"? I don't recall this question being asked by anyone - but, of course, I stand to be corrected. One has to wonder whether this was a 'trade-off' in the 'deal' agreed twixt Cameron and Clegg? Perhaps it is the reason the Europhile Ken Clarke agreed to serve under Cameron? Who knows - because the bastards will not be telling us!

Now, shall we just walk away? Then we 'Take Parliament' and dish out a little 'people justice'!


procrustes said...

Nice one, WfW! Now report to Room 101 for reprogramming! ;0)

Woodsy42 said...

"We have no plans to join the Euro"...Was this the same man who had no plans to increase VAT?
For what it's worth my prediction is that we won't 'join' the Euro, no politician would dare. Rather, what will happen, assuming the Euro survives, is that at some point the pound will be gradually pegged to it at a convenient fixed exchange rate. Then euro coins will become legal tender here at that rate. Makes business easier don't you know! That way the bulk of the public won't get upset at the loss of the pound.

Witterings From Witney said...

procrustes: Ta for that. As for reprogramming - nah, too old for all this modern, pc-correct, psycobabble.

W42: What I have always thought too. We won't join the euro - the euro will join us!