Thursday, 25 November 2010

Dominos & Idiots

Open Europe blog posts on reactions in Spanish, French, German, Swedish and Hungarian newspapers on possible changing attitudes to the euro. Slovakia is also warning that a break-up of the eurozone is a real possibility,.And we have the delicious irony of Belgium appearing to have joined the list of dominos! Surely this means that the excrement really has hit the ceiling-mounted air-circulation device?

Burning Our Money questions whether, after Ireland, Portugal and Spain, the markets will turn their attention to the UK, pointing out that the UK external debt is $9trillion, which is 4 times our income. BOM reproduces a graph, source IMF/OECD/BIS, showing that in actual fact the UK is in a worse situation than either Portugal or Spain.

Then we have David Cameron, starting to 'measure' our well-being, quoted in a report by the Press Association as saying:
"The contention is that just as we can create the climate for business to thrive - by cutting taxes, slashing red tape and so on - so we can create a climate in this country that is more family-friendly and more conducive to the good life."That's why I reject the criticism that government policy has no role in this area. To those who say that all this sounds like a distraction from the serious business of government, I say finding out what will really improve lives and acting on it is the serious business of government."
So iDave wishes to cut taxes - does that mean he will not raise VAT come January 1 to 20%? Of course he won't - and ask yourself why. On this 'well being' index, which is relative to each person anyway, making it meaningless, this is just another example of government sticking its nose into an area where it is not wanted and thus collecting even more personal information. If iDave really wishes to find out what would make the British people happy, perhaps he needs to take a look at the front page of the Daily Express!

The Coalition is asking for your views (H/T Muffled Vociferation) and if you really do want to let Cameron know what you think, the opportunity is here. Do please take up this invitation!

To sit back living in our own little worlds of x-Factor, Big Brother, East Enders and Coronation Street, whilst ignoring the problems confronting us illustrates we are indeed a foolish nation and therefore perhaps deserve our fate of being governed by fools!


Anonymous said...

David Cameron and other collaborators swinging in the wind after due process and justice has been served.

That would make me happy.

The Boiling Frog said...

Ta WfW for the link, I've sent a letter in to them today as well.

Anonymous said...

They are already looking for the button to hit before the election.

Hesletine said it was to have a big party to see the millenium in-everyone loves a party- fuck me can you believe it?

Blair hit the button: give everyone more money to spend than they earn - now that was really clever and was rewarded with three successive terms in office.

Now heir to Blair is looking for another but heir to Blair does not unfortunately have the brain power.

What I wonder will we get?

Witterings From Witney said...

Anonymous (1) Yup, lets see all of them swing!

TBF: my pleasure - it was either the link or I nicked the picture!

Anonymous (2) "What I wonder will we get?" - screwed, probably!

Anonymous said...

Shrewd cookie – the Slovak Prime Minister.

"If we continue this way, we are close to a pyramid scheme,"

"Pyramid scheme" – it’s like finding the name of a niggling illness.