Sunday, 14 November 2010

Dictatorship - UK Style

IanPJ on Politics posts on the "Andew Withers Situation" whereby a Minister of State acts to block the appointment of a legally constituted political party in the United Kingdom:
"As I have said previously, this is much more than Andrew Withers, or the Libertarian Party, for should a precedent be set with this case, then Vince Cable has the power to cancel out any politician, of any party, at any time. A truly frightening development."
Autonomous Mind posts on the situation that exists within the Conservative Party and the "lack of spine" which exists amongst the majority of that party's backbenchers:
"It defies belief that the Tory MPs who are up in arms about the European Union Bill ever thought Cameron and Hague would table any instrument that would arrest the relentless march of the bureaucrats. The quisling duo certainly had, and have, no intention of affording any power to backbenchers or the people that would allow voters to derail the project the political class across Europe is pressing ahead with in defiance of the wishes of the people they are supposed to serve."
Nourishing Obscurity also posts on the situation within the Conservative Party and Cameron in particular. Writing about the time of Cameron's reneging on holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Nourishing states:
" At that time, as a Tory myself, other Tory bloggers tore strips off me for being disloyal and not “giving Cameron a chance”, not that it matters one iota what I think.  It was so painfully obvious that Cameron was just plain wrong in every way – the typical snivelling, lying politician and a Blair clone, so why has it taken over two years for Tories to wake up?"
These three posts have one thing in common in that they all point towards the dictatorial attitudes and practices of our leading political elite, all of whom are believers in "Projet EU". Further examples of this 'dictatorial attitude' can be found in recent decisions of the Coalition, namely the proposed "Recall System" for MPs and the European Union Bill (Referendum Lock) which recently had its first reading in the House of Commons. In both these examples, whilst they are presented as giving power to the people they are anything but, as the final decision in both rests with Parliament.

Yet a further example of the 'dictatorial attitude' to which I refer comes from my experience of visiting my MP at his surgery. My first question was whether I was addressing my Prime Minister or my Constituency MP, the answer to which was both but that, in cases of conflict relating to government policy, national policy must hold. That statement means that I and 71,999 constituents in our constituency are, in effect, disenfranchised as we have no elected representative who can personally take up our case in Parliament.

Continuing in this vein of 'political control' the following video was posted on Conservative Home at 15:20 today and which is available on youtube:

This apology for a Minister claims that future transfers of power will be put to a referendum, but I have to inquire about the powers that have already been transferred and on which the British people were never consulted. Is it not logical that, if the people are to be asked for their approval on the occasion of transfers of future powers, then they should also be consulted on the transfer of powers that have already taken place?

When Autonomous Mind writes:
"Yet Cameron cost the Tories an outright majority because people started to realise he was nothing but a slimy hypocrite who could not and should not be trusted."
he is being too, too polite about Cameron and, by inference, the Leaders of the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, all three of whom act as if they were God.

The present form of 'elected dictatorship' has to end and the people made aware of the true facts. The problem is how does one convert the minds of the mindless? That last sentence is not intended to be a slight on the mental capacities of the electorate in general, as they are up against a political class who lie, obfuscate to those who fund their positions and in which those lies and obfuscation is condoned by a compliant media.

History maintains that dictators, such as Stalin, had total control of their peoples. Compared to Cameron and politicians of his ilk, Stalin was in the kindergarten class!

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