Monday, 15 November 2010

"Remain Masters Of Our Nation's Destiny"

These words are reported to be included in a speech on foreign affairs that David Cameron is to give this evening at the Lord Mayor's banquet. Cameron is also reported as going to say he will "focus like a laser" on defending Britain's national interest.
"There needs to be a “determination” to address economic problems in order to “remain masters of our nation’s destiny”, the Prime Minister will say."
So presumably we can expect Cameron will not accept the intended increase in VAT due this January and that he will not agree to the 12% 'contribution' of any bailout package for Ireland, under the European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism.

"Focus like a laser" to defend Britain's national interest also presumably does not include the acceptance of the EU diplomatic corps, acceptance of the EU European Investigation Order, having to find an additional £480million per annum for the EU budget - an amount of money the UK can ill afford.

Whether David Cameron is actually human or alien is now a serious subject that should focus the attention of the nation. The manner in which he remains steadfast in his belief that 'fantasy' policies, such as EU membership, is of benefit to us leads this blog to wonder whether he is in fact a member of the 'Klingon' race!


Anonymous said...

No, he must be worse than that, a Vogon perhaps, they did after all come to destroy the earth. Their poetry was lousy too, a bit like Camerloon's speeches.


john in cheshire said...

Do we know if Mr Cameron has been on a Common Purpose indoctrination course?

Witterings From Witney said...

Anonymous: Klingon/Cling on? Don't have the faintest idea who the Vogons were - is that code for the LibDems?

jic: haven't the faintest idea - although the odds must be good!