Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Do Rompy & Brassy* Have A Laundry Problem?

It may well be so according to this report in the Telegraph - and in any event brown trousers go so well with "brown shirts", aka sturmabteiling, do they not?

With voices raised in Ireland demanding that Brian Cowen "step down" and his refusal so to do, the European Union has warned the Irish government that snap elections would be “very irresponsible”.

In a separate report, Reuters quotes Olli Rehn, the ERU Monetary Affairs chief: 
"Stability is important....We don't have a position on the domestic democratic politics of Ireland but it is essential that the budget will be adopted in time and we will be able to conclude the negotiations on the EU-IMF programme in time."
In other words, what Rehn is saying is that Ireland can have its "democracy" once the EU has gained control of Irelands finances and future financial policy.

More worrying is this passage in the Reuter's report:
"However, some voters questioned in Dublin said they had more faith in the IMF than in their own politicians. "At least the IMF might know what they're doing," said Margaret, 49, an office worker, who declined to give her family name."
If this view is representative of the Irish electorate then perhaps the adage that the Irish are thick is in fact correct! If they cannot see what is happening to their country and the reasons behind those events, then heaven help them.

Either way, whether Cowan stays in post or not, it is the Irish people who will suffer and who - in common with the British people - have been led astray by their politicians. How long, one wonders, before mass social unrest happens? How long before mass demonstrations turn into something far worse? And how long before the EU sends in 'forces' to protect 'EU citizens'?

The British people need to watch and learn from what is happening in Ireland - obviously we don't want to make the same mistakes when our turn comes - and come it surely will whilst Britain remains a member of the EU and participates in what can only be described as a 'Ponzi' scheme whereby we borrow money to lend to someone who hasn't a cat's chance in hell of repaying it - and look like having to repeat the exercise with Portugal and Spain.

* For the uninitiated - aka Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso 

Update: From Bloomberg:
"It might sound like madness for a drowning man to refuse a lifebelt. But the decision the Irish make in the next few days will shape the future of their nation for a generation.Ireland would be better off going bust than taking a loan. The conditions attached to a rescue aren’t worth it: Once it takes EU money, it will never get off the hook. And the Irish banks aren’t worth saving anyway" (my emphasis)


Sean O'Hare said...

I don't think on average the Irish are any thicker than the English, Welsh or Scots. There are a majority of sheeple and a minority with some degree of intelligence. The ratio of one to the other has got worse on both sides of the Irish Sea. I don't think this has been a coincidence it has been engineered.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

"In other words, what Rehn is saying is that Ireland can have its "democracy" once the EU has gained control of Irelands finances and future financial policy."

There's something just so Rothschild-esque about that...

Witterings From Witney said...

Fair comment S O'H and have to agree, especially re the engineering bit!

CS: I know, stupendous isn't it?

Corrugated Soundbite said...

WfW: Indeed it is. And blatant with it.

Thank God I took an interest in modern history before the MSM beat it out of me!

Witterings From Witney said...

CS: thanks for your agreement, although do not think thee and me are alone in our views.

Scoremore said...

Former Fed governor Frederic Mishkin recently said: "the Federal Reserve is undergoing what he is calling an unprecedented level of attacks caused by its inability to articulate a clear message regarding its multitrillion-dollar monetary policies."

Inability to articulate a clear message? A clear message? This idiot thinks that the Fed's problem is its PR skill, rather than its actions. The Fed's message is loud and clear: bail out bankster buddies at the expense of the country.