Tuesday, 30 November 2010

You have to "Hands" it to politicians.......

Greg Hands, Conservative, tweets:
"My campaign for UK expats to be able to vote in UK embassies abroad gained ground today. More news later!"
Greg is obviously a tad confused, or maybe he has adopted the mentality of Don Quixote.

(a) with the introduction of the European External Action Service (EEAS) it is highly unlikely UK embassies will still exist;
(b) bearing in mind our membership of the European Union and the dictatorial attitude of the Coalition, the decreasing numbers of matters on which we can voice an opinion won't warrant the journey and expense to vote;
(c) with the dominance of the three main parties, the UK is now a one-party state, so that the reason not to vote, ie there is no real choice, again does not warrant the journey and expense involved;
(d) the whole reason that the majority of expats probably left the UK was no doubt due to the current attitude of the three main parties, so why would they have any interest in the further ruinous steps UK politicians intend taking.

In the spirit of fairness, perhaps Greg is just putting his 'hands' up in answer to the question: "Who believes his existence is totally unnecessary"?

Afterthought: This could come back and bite him in the place where he keeps his brain - especially if all expats decided to vote UKIP!


James Higham said...

Expat status is looking better and better every day.

Sue said...

You're quite correct. I left England because of government policies. I felt like a stranger and second class citizen in my own country. If I'm to feel that way, it will be in a location of my choosing, somewhere warm (although its wet and cold at the moment).

Now, if UKIP got into power and left the EU, I would return immediately.

banned said...

If I had the option of leaving I undoubtedly would though it would be nice to be able to pop along to the embassy once in a while to vote UKIP.

DAD said...

I came to live in France in 1997 when Tony Bliar became PM. No regrets. As Sue wrote "I felt like a stranger and second class citizen in my own country". Me too !

Although the nearest Consul office is 200km away, the journey would be worth while if I were able to vote for UKIP.