Thursday, 25 November 2010

Oops, Douglas!

Douglas Carswell posts on his blog about the decision of the Daily Express to 'come out' and plead the case for leaving the EU. In this piece Carswell writes:
"The fiction that we can remain part of EU and reform it from within, or "bring it our way", is looking ever more bogus."
And the fiction that he and others can remain part of the Conservative Party and reform it from within, or "bring it their way", is not looking exactly ever more bogus?

Oh Douglas, as I said: Oops!


Sue said...

They need to realise what we have known all along. Cameron is a socialist, a real "progressive". He only says what he thinks we want to hear.

The sooner the Tories in the Conservative Party realise that it's NOT THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY ANYMORE, the sooner we can get organised and get the hell out of the EU!

Are they thick or what?

Witterings From Witney said...


Agree on both points. On 2nd have to ask are there actually any real Tories left in the Con Party, or have they all been brainwashed? If there are and the held to their beliefs, they would split.

Anonymous said...

Hey wfw. I see Carswell posted a few suggestions for you about "winning over those who are very concerned about EU integration". Apparently he doesn't like your "attacks" but then he wouldn't like a flaw in his position being exposed, would he? Too many sycophants to fleece.

Anonymous said...

All too true, when are these supposedly EUrosceptics going to actually do something. We all know there is no conservative party anymore, it is the party of Clegg/Cameron. And they are socialists!


Witterings From Witney said...

Anonymous: Ta and have read and responded. Have also blogged on this.

Derek: agreed - see comment above