Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hello, Hello, Whats Going On Here Then?

Fitwatch, aka Direct Action Station, report that South West police forces have been using RAF/USAF Fairford to hold training in riot control.
"Insp Steve McGrory said: “Large-scale riots are thankfully rare in Britain these days, but we would be failing in our duty to keep the public safe if we did not test ourselves in such challenging conditions."
Nah, just 'policespeak' which, translated, means 'they would be failing in their duty to keep themselves safe' as and when the public decide they have had enough of our politicians - and boy do they need to practise!

Nothing like looking after number one - is there?


Anonymous said...

Ah, all is revealed! I was driving through Wiltshire today and there were riot vans heading south all over the place. I wondered what was up.

The Boiling Frog said...

The Police chap's wrong. We don't have riots in this country, they're always section 2 violent disorders. (otherwise the local Police have to pay compensation)