Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Trouble In The East - As Someone Was Told Back In The Early 40s

It seems that Austria is not a happy bunny at the moment viz-a-viz the Greek's lack of monetary 'nous' and Croatia is most definitely not in favour of 'Projet EU'.

Courtesy of Open Europe blog (and Muffled Vociferation who spotted this and the following link) we learn that:
"From the Austrian point of view, there is no reason to release the contribution in December with the [Greek] numbers as they are at present."
From another source, m&g news, we learn that:
"Croatia is the only Western Balkan state with a chance of becoming a member of the European Union anytime soon, but its population is not at all enthusiastic about that prospect, according to a survey released Monday.Just one in four Croats views joining EU positively, while one in three perceives it as negative, according to the poll by Gallup Balkan Monitor."
So the Wiener, having been pounded, coated in Regulations & Directives and fried in eurocrap, is most definitely feeling Schnitzed-Off! Not to be outdone, Croatia would appear to not be in the mood to Beo grad(ful) at the prospect of EU membership.

I am reminded of the words from "Life gets tedious, don't it": "Troubles pile up day by day" & "Grief and misery, pains and woes"......

Forgive me, I have to go and wipe my eyes, which are watering from so much laughing...............!

Update: England Expects reports that Estonia ain't that happy either about their adoption of the euro - now that is 'Tallinn' them!


Sue said...

Lost your "European Spirit" WfW? :)

Witterings From Witney said...

Pourquoi you ask?

Willie said...

Beograd is the capital of Serbia and you gratuitously insult Croatians (and Montenegrins for that nmatter) for whom the light has gone on.
Get a (Zag)reb.

Witterings From Witney said...


Belgrade aka Beograd - sorry, go check