Saturday, 27 November 2010


ED Miliband's speech at the Labour Party Forum can be read here. Setting to one side the content of EdM's speech - I leave others to pick apart the nonsense that it contains - one item did catch my interest.
"I’m really grateful to you for coming today and I do want to start by saying that we are a party that people are coming to, not moving away from. We’ve had 43,000 members join us since the general election and I think that is an extraordinary achievement. I think it shows people want to be part of our party."
So the memories of 43,000 people do not go back beyond May 6th? No memory exists of a government that was financially incompetent, bureaucratic, intrusive, nannying etc? Not that the new Coalition government are any different in their attitude of 'ordering' our society and telling them how to behave - but I digress........

With 43,000 people joining a party that bankrupted our country, is it any wonder that the political elite are able to hasten the rate by which UK plc descends the spiral staircase into oblivion? On that point I paraphrase a quote by Charley Reese from 1998:
"Here's your enemy for this week, one of our politicians says. And some gullible Britons click their heels and salute - often without knowing who, or even where, the enemy of the week is."


microdave said...

Ah, but you forget - that nasty Mr Brown has gone. It's a brand NEW Labour party now!

What's that you say? the last lot were "New" Labour?.............Oh Bugger!

BJ said...

Don’t worry, WfW, little Ed has a long way to go.

The wheels have come off the “left’s” wagon.

McShane, as well, you’d need a heart of stone not to laugh

As for myself, one of the escaped “sons of toil”, I will never, ever, return to Labour.

As far as I’m concerned they have declared war on me.