Monday, 15 November 2010

Well, I'm Not Buying This One!

Open Europe blog posts on a speech given by Angel Merkel at her party's congress and quotes this extract:
"Everything is at stake -- if the euro fails, then Europe will fail. The idea of European values and unity will have failed,[1] an idea that gave our continent strength and prosperity after the last century with its wars and destruction.[2] It's up to us. It's our task to create a new anchor for a culture of stability in Europe [3]"
[1] At which point, presumably, the entire audience rose applauding and cheering, with the comment "Yes please"!

[2] So a system that has a common currency virtually on its deathbed, that demands ever greater funding from its member states and whose accounts cannot be certified, has brought prosperity to Europe?

[3] Listen 'hausfrau'* - we in the UK do not need, or want, a new anchor, in fact the people would be more than willing to cut us adrift from the present anchor that binds us to an alien system of which we want no part!

* The German race is acknowledged as one of efficient engineering. Having produced one 'Merk' that 'does what it says on the tin', one has to wonder why they changed the format, resulting in a hausfrau that does not realise her proper place is in the kitchen!


TomTom said...

Hard to disagree but then again Germans know that Merkel is Kohl's chosen successor and he was a total disaster.

Funnily enough Helmut Schmidt has higher respect than ever in Germany as if those who followed him have been pygmies

Witterings From Witney said...

Tom Tom: Agreed - and as she is from East Germany with plenty of experience of living within a USSR type society, she does have the experience to assist in the formation the EUSSR!