Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Conservative Eurosceptics "Frustrated"

So says Bernard Jenkin on Conservative Home, to which one has to say: "Aaahhh - poor things"!

The immediate question to be asked is why then, if they are not prepared to become more vocal in their frustration and take the fight to Cameron, they still remain within the umbrella of their party? Of course with this particular Member of Parliament, I am not suggesting that a constituency in which he holds a healthy majority of 11,447; and therefore would appear to have a job for life, has anything to do with it - of course not.

It does raise doubts though with regard to political beliefs, that MPs remain within a party with which they have many serious disagreements about policy. In respect of the Conservative Party there are MPs who believe in self-government for Britain; who believe in true local devolution of power, yet remain within a party led by a Europhile, someone who also believes in central state control despite protestations to the contrary; who are against the "Liberalisation" of their conservative principles, yet accept this process - seemingly without too much public protest.

I have never been able to get a satisfactory answer to this conundrum - readers may have one?


pop said...

I think it is simple lazyness.

Talk is cheap, but actually doing something requries persistence, effort, self-determination etc.

Even before I joined UKIP, I wondered how Nigel Farage could spend so much of his time/life standing up in the EU parliament telling the fools there the obvious truths while they either ignored or ridculed his words. His dogged determination is almost unbeleivable.

Going with the flow is simple, fighting/changing things is hard - and as well as (possibly) not getting any benefit you may well lose what you already have.

Most of our politicians are not fit to be MPs - they are just party appointed lobby fodder, not local leaders.

Anonymous said...

You've desribed the evidence, and the conclusion we must make is that they've decided that the EU is inevitable, but they'll play to the gallery because there is going to a job in the pretend democracy when we are fully subsumed.

Even then they'll be making anti-EU noises safe in the knowledge that they will never be in a position to act on what they preach.

Coincidentally there is a program on the Yesterday channel at the moment about Nazi collaborators. Collaborators like being on the wining side because it gives them local power and wealth. They don't think that their side will ever lose.

Therefore the best way to shift a self-interested Tory collaborator is to convince him that one day his side is going to lose, and the sooner he jumps ship the better the outcome for him.

I always said of Hannan (as the prime culprit) that he would join UKIP when the Tories were hemorrhaging and his career depended on it. But then, given the dopiness of the typical conservatroid automaton, things will be have got so bad at that stage that decent people would rather hang Tory eurosceptics than let them have anything to do with the rebuilding.

Anonymous said...

As you imply, the "rebels" won't do anything because they know it will be more difficult to get elected if they take the ultimate sanction and leave the party. John Redwood has been asked dozens of times to leave and join UKIP but of course they don't want to lose their cushy jobs.

I recently discussed the uselessness of these deadweights in my blog (shameless plug)!

Witterings From Witney said...

pop & Anonymous: both comments true and agreed.

stanfordrivers: Agreed too - and plug away dear chap!