Friday, 12 November 2010

MPs Who Have A New 'Interest'?

Following my post yesterday "Homage to the fallen" which included a link to the debate on "European Union Economic Governance" and the voting results, an admission of something I believed had taken place comes from Conservative Home.

In that post and commenting on the fact that we have been told many times the majority of new Conservative MPs are Eurosceptic, I asked where the bloody hell they were. ConHome confirms my suspicion that the Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs had been 'whipped' to vote in favour.

This leads me to question those Eurosceptic Conservative MPs as to where their allegiance lies: Country or Party? If, as it seems, that allegiance is to Party, then they are unfit to be MPs, as in matters of national importance their first allegiance must be to their country and not to the egos of two integrationist maniacs!

Unless of course a new vice of MPs has been discovered - that of flagellation?

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