Thursday, 25 November 2010

Return Of Bad Laws

According to the Telegraph, David Cameron is planning a swift return to government for David Laws. Laws is currently being investigated by the Parliamentary Commissioner over payments he made to his male lover for a London flat. He faces having to pay back money and could even be suspended from Parliament if found guilty of a serious breach of the rules.

It seems to me that misuse of public money by someone who is placed in a position of power; someone who is supposed to act for the benefit of his country; someone who is known as "Honourable"; is very much guilty of a serious breach of the rules.*

If we are to have integrity in politics and politicians wish to have the respect of the public then the return of David Laws would be a travesty. As integrity and respect don't seem to feature much amongst our political elite, one has to suppose the return of Laws is inevitable.

Definitely a case of one set of laws for David and one set of laws for us........?

* Afterthought: application of this 'across the board, would be one way in which to rid ourselves of this rotten parliament.


Anonymous said...

To mis-spend public money must be a heinous crime deserving of a harsh sentence by the courts, by definition. But here we go again, screw the public and you are made. Says a lot about Cameron though doesn't it!


Witterings From Witney said...

Agreed Derek. Mind you probably on that point half the Commons shouldn't be there by now!