Saturday, 27 November 2010

It seems to be all about "targets"?

For some months now Christopher Booker has been writing about what might be termed "forced adoptions" - instances where children have been taken into care, against their parents wishes, by local authorities and on the flimsiest of reasons.

To read that a government minister can issue guidance to local authorities which says that "too many councils are failing to ensure that enough children are being adopted, and that the backsliders must speed up their flow of adoptions" beggars belief and obviously means that there are 'targets' that need to be met - or why would some local authorites need "to speed up their flow of adoptions"?

That this 'Stalinist' approach is followed in a western democracy, a democracy from which other democracies were born, is a national scandal and one that requires much publicity - although with the standards of our media, that may well be a forlorn hope.

Where are our MPs and what are they doing in Parliament? How come it seems not one has latched onto this obnoxious state of affairs, which as stated, Booker has been publicizing and raised a hue and cry? Silly me, I have just realised the lack of attention is probably due to their zeal in pursuing IPSA and ensuring they are noticed on tv during PMQs

As an aside, the Telegraph may well have a "first" on their hands - a picture of a poodle holding a teddy bear!

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