Thursday, 18 November 2010

Cameron To Be Grilled

Today at 2:00pm - The Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House, David Cameron faces a grilling - perhaps he should be spit-roasted, but I digress - from a group of MPs comprising the 33 chairmen of the cross-party departmental select committees - an event which no doubt will be shown on parliament tv.

 The Press Association reports that amongst the topics to be raised are police numbers, housing benefit reforms and flood defences, university tuition fees, defence cuts and the timescale for the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan.

One has to wonder whether any of these questions will be included? Probably not, as when one has a blinkered view due to one's own feeling of self-importance it is extremely difficult to see what is around you!


Woodsy42 said...

The questions asked will be, as usual, mostly diversionary and ultimately irrellevent.
While they are issues that affect groups of people, and they deserve attention, they are nevertheless matters of secondary (or even lower) importance. They are intended to attract strong feelings and thus distract attention from the more important matters that he does not want to discuss.

Anonymous said...

Flood defences are important because as any fool knows the floods are caused by "run off" not AGW which this stupid government and the preceeding stupid government blame on the fairy story of AGW .
The money, waisted on hideous Wind Farms and hardly affectual Solar
Duuuh AGW Duuuuh .....duuuuuh.

Autonomous Mind said...

Now, when you say 'spit-roasted' do you mean literally, or figuratively as in placing him in a hotel room with a couple of Premier League footballers?

Witterings From Witney said...

W42 & Anonymous: both comments agreed!

AM: Oh, most definitely literally!