Sunday, 28 November 2010


In this green and pleasant land, a land known as the United Kingdom, we have a problem and one which I find incomprehensible.

For example, we are governed by a collection of self-centred, unprincipled, "duly-elected representatives", who care nought for the country in which they seek office; we have a police force directed by an un-elected - and self-elected - "cabal"; we allow to remain in our country those who detest us - and our way of life - and who wish to change the fabric of our society; our education system is one that gets "tweaked" by each and every new government without any consultation with those most involved, namely parents; we allow political parties to make promises and promptly break those promises, on attaining office, for political expediency; we meekly - and without mass protest - permit our political elite to impose even more intrusions into our private lives; we accept the enforced abduction of children from families - without proof - carried out by local authorities; we allow our political elite to mis-use - and mis-direct - public money into the most ridiculous of schemes, both local and national; we allow our political leaders to subject us to foreign rule, despite their Privy Councillor Oaths; we allow ourselves to elect governments on manifestos - which whilst containing print - may as well be blank pieces of paper; all resulting in a situation where we are left with a status no better than were medieval serfs.

So people of Britain, WTF are you going to do about this? Or is the answer, as always, Baaaaaa?

Again, just asking - as is the wont, now and again, of WfW.................


Nigel Sedgwick said...

If we had annual elections, the electorate would (be more likely to) remember the most recent broken manifesto commitments.

Best regards

brochloon said...


My initial gut feeling about what I would like to "do" about "it" is to go down to London and knock some sense into the dishonest, self-serving and anti-British individuals that we as a nation find in charge of our country (Yes, I know you will quite rightly point out that I need to go to Brussels or Strasbourg for this, but first things first, so please in indulge me for the moment).

As you quite rightly point out in your post, the populace seem reluctant (or more likely apathetic) about taking an interest in things that are really going to impact their lives, and in ways in which none of them will enjoy.

For my own part I used to believe in "power" of lobbying ones' M.P. by writing to them to get a point across, but this is now a pointless exercise as it changes nothing as it is too easy for them to dismiss.

The only thing that will catch the attention of these dopey individuals is hundreds of thousands of like minded individuals protesting (peacefully) right in front of their faces.

The road we are currently going down with the E.U. is far too scary to be ignored. I am in my mid 50's. I could take take the attitude that I've had the best years the UK is going to offer, but what about my children? They are not old or wise enough yet to fully understand what really is going on, so like I did at their age, are (quite rightly) enjoying themselves. Nonetheless it bothers me that the society that they may have to live in when they are in their 50's is likely to be very different, and very illiberal, and this is something I do not want to leave to them.

So, to answer your question (eventually)...a mass peaceful protest and march in the capital which mobilises the "silent majority" which are always being told about that exists in this country. That's something I will get behind.


john in cheshire said...

No, Nigel, we all know what is needed. Sometimes in history, a bloody purge is necessary to redirect a country to its rightful path. Our bloody purge is long overdue. There are traitors and fifth columnists within our borders who will not desist from their activities no matter who persuasive our arguments. I can see no option but to extirpation of these abominations against our normal and civilised way of life. The life that our forebears died to protect.

Fay said...

I agree with john in cheshire,the silent majority are too silent, that is the trouble, it is time for action. We will have to have a bloody purge we have been too 'nice' about it all now it is time to show some moral courage. We are despised for our niceness. Onward and upward down with traitors, appeasers and quislings.

Witterings From Witney said...

NS: a reasonable suggestion, but see below.

brochloon: Quite happy to try your way first, but believe jic and Fay may well be right, that eventually we in this country will have to have our "Ceaucescu Moment".

jic & Fay: see above comments.

brochloon said...


I *always* reserve the right to throw a brick through the window of the establishment, but I believe that if HMG had to view a march in the hundreds of thousands going past their front door, *and* that march didn't move until the PM addressed and *listened* to them, then things would change.
If they didn't then on their head be it.

Witterings From Witney said...

brochloon: Ok, we do your way first and then we have some fun - your place reserved!

Derek said...

Short of hiding under haystacks and living 'off the grid' after having surrendered all hard earned living standards to taxation and 'sustainability', a violent revolution is all that is left.

Nigel Sedgwick said...

John in Cheshire writes: "No, Nigel, we all know what is needed. Sometimes in history, a bloody purge is necessary to redirect a country to its rightful path."

Could we please try annual elections first, for just a few years please?

It's easier on the carpets, and many other things too.

Best regards

Tarka the Rotter said...

We need to prevent anyone - ANYONE-sitting in Parliament for more than two terms of five years. Might agree to three terms if the arguements are good ones, but definately no longer than that. That should put paid to the existance of professional politicians. Annual Parliaments...mmm fine in principle (it's what the Chartists wanted - the Agreement of the People in the late 1640s suggested biannual Parliaments). Am tempted towards the mass protestation and demand for our rights under Common Law myself. OK so how do we go about it, or is this all just hot air?

Witterings From Witney said...

Tarka the Rotter: Good question and asked - see: