Friday, 16 October 2009

Mind Control

Two reports, in two different media productions, should cause alarm bells to ring among all decent people who believe in freedom of thought.

First, we have this, from Dr. Lee Rotherham of the Taxpayers Alliance, on the possible creation of a 'European Civic Service'.

Second, there is this report in the Open Europe press summary which details the wish of those in the EPP - in the EU Parliament - that want compulsory classes in schools on the subject of the benefits of the EU.

It does beg the question of why certain 'creeds' - either because they sense they are unpopular, or who, in reality, are not liked by the populace - feel a need to 'promote' themselves?

Oh and the question of political 'balance' when taught in our schools? No problem to this lot as when the Czechs have been 'mated' with/into the EU no doubt education will then become an EU competence!

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