Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Cameron's Conservatism

Guido Fawkes posts on an interview with Peter Oborne, broadcast on Radio 4, which is well worth a listen.

Cameron describes himself as 'A One Nation Relatively Progressive Conservative' and the conversation contains a great deal about philosphies, in particular these words,  initially paraphrasing Disraeli:

"In a progressive country change is constant.............Conservatives should think about how change is constant in a progressive country but you have to make sure change is the right change, keeping the best things strong and changing and amending what needs to be changed. Understanding your history, traditions and customs and try and achieve your goals using their strengths rather than believing in some sort of Utopia that can be written on a blank sheet of paper."

Perhaps I should not be too critical of David Cameron - after all, he is my MP and I shall need his help with my problems viz-a-viz housing associations - but I have to ask how is the right change correct when it results in a belief that it is right to hand over the governance of your country to an unelected and unaccountable body located in another country? If, as he states, it is his wish to remain a member of the European Union, then this wish must be a belief in that self-same sort of Utopia, aka the 'EU dream', which was in fact written on blank sheets of paper?

Just a thought....................


Sue said...

Nope! He's not fooling me. I am essentially a true conservative of the Thatcherite era. He's sold us out!

The conservatives have quietly sat by for the last 12 years and allowed us to become Labours Left wing socialist underdogs.

Spying and preaching Nanny state, climate change crap, european union dictatorship, uncontrolled immigration, illegal wars, and in turn inviting terrorism, crime figures, human rights fiasco and not to forget the financial mess that we're in..... all done with not a peep from the Tories!

Sue said...

Don't forget the troughing, the Tories were complicit in that too.. and he still hasn't a clue what the ordinary man in the street is thinking!

Anonymous said...

"Understand our history, traditions" and so on, Cameron understands none of these as is obvious by his attitude when questioned. He stood by whilst Parliament was trashed and our ancient liberties cast out. He is willing to be ruled by an alien power contrary to the "Bill of Rights".