Saturday, 17 October 2009

Cat Keeps Immigrant In The UK

The Sunday Telegraph reports that an immigrant who was about to be deported from Britain has won a legal battle to remain in the country – partly because he and his girlfriend had bought a pet cat. 

"The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal ruled that sending the Bolivian man back to his homeland would breach his human rights because he was entitled to a "private and family life", and joint ownership of a pet was evidence that he was fully settled in this country." (my emphasis)

'Paws' for one moment and consider that when stupid people pass a stupid law the consequences that follow one can hardly expect to be logical! It is also surprising that the UK Borders Agency have not 'refurred' the decision to appeal. Yet another sorry 'tail' of the judiciary deciding government policy!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Does not compute. His girlfriend and cat could go back to Bolivia with him if they so wish.

Witterings From Witney said...

Exactly - glad someone else is thinking. The fact that both cats could go back to Bolivia just demonstrates the problems with stupid laws and the stupid rulings that result!