Thursday, 29 October 2009

Conservative Party Policy 'In A Nutshell'

Timothy Kirkhope, writing in the Daily Telegraph:

"By his very nature, Tony Blair will turn the post of President of the European Council into something that the overwhelming majority of Britons do not want and have been denied the opportunity to vote for......"

Well, well - so the Conservative Party do not want a President of the EU that no-one has voted for! Yet they are content though to commit this country to membership of the EU - something on which we, the people, have been denied a vote!
In the Mail a senior shadow cabinet minister is quoted as saying: "The message is clear: you can have President Blair and five years of internecine warfare with Britain over Europe; or you can have another president and a good working relationship". In other words, confirmation of the Conservative desire to remain in the EU, with the unspoken message they will go to war with the EU over Tony Blair, but not on behalf of the British people and their majority wish to re-negotiate Britain's membership!


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