Saturday, 17 October 2009

Chris Huhne Demonstrates The LibDem 'Mind'

Chris Huhne has commented on the visit and opinions of Geert Wilders, in a post on Liberal Democrat Voice.

"Having seen Mr Wilders’ film Fitna, it is not just offensive, intolerant and misleading...." - no different to Liberal Democrat ideas and policies then?

"That was certainly my thinking when I said that, on balance, the Home Secretary was right to stop him entering the UK . Nevertheless, I think the asylum and immigration tribunal has now taken the right decision to let him in." - typical of most Liberal Democrat stances on issues, which change by the minute as and when they have any that are original.

"Even someone as impeccably liberal as John Stuart Mill recognised that freedom of speech has to be qualified when there is a serious risk of harm to others." - what 'harm' could be caused? Hurt feelings? On that basis should I ask you and your party to 'zip it' due to the fact I find those views 'harmful'?

As all the indications are that, come 2010, Chris Huhne may well be able to append the title 'Ex-MP' to his name, one can but suppose that it is only fair, in the time left, he should be granted the opportunity to continue spouting 'waffle' - after all, why change the habit of a lifetime?

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