Friday, 30 October 2009

The Most Effective Politician

Politics Home reports that Cameron is the most effective senior politician in the opinion of his peers, with Mandelson and Gove following in that order. It does depend how one judges 'effective' of course, but is that for honesty, truthfulness, plain-speaking, standing up for their country or 'over-all' effective?

Personally, I am hard pushed to name one politician who I consider is effective 'over-all' if one is considering the four examples above. Some politicians do possess principles but appear to subjugate them for personal gain. As examples, I would offer Hague and Fox from the Conservatives - both in the past Eurosceptic, yet both have 'moulded' their principles in order to hopefully attain Cabinet posts in a Cameron government. Cameron? Presented himself at the election for a Conservative leader as a Eurosceptic but that appears to have been a 'facade'. If one includes the 'expenses' question, especially in respect of 'principles', then one really is 'scratching round' for 'effective' politicians. Hollobone? Possibly, the man does seem to be 'whiter than white' in his claims and how he 'operates'.

How Mandelson appears in second place, God only knows! How many times has he been 'discredited'? How many chances does a politician get, FFS!

 MPs are clamouring to be accepted as 'listening' to their electorates and wish to appear 'honourable', or in plain English 'whiter than white'. If politicians wish to appear to their constituents as 'honourable' and therefore 'whiter than white', the answer is 'simples' really - don't take the public for 'a ride'!

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