Sunday, 25 October 2009

Conservative Political Logic?

When considering one's vote at the next General election it is hoped that any thinking elector will consider the abilty and intelligence of possible ministers in the party for which they are voting.

On this point, one has to have justified reasons for doubting whether the Conservatives stand a chance of forming the next government.

Mark Francois, Conservative Shadow Minister, is quoted as saying: "The British people do not like the Lisbon Treaty and if it was used to impose Tony Blair as European President without the British people having a say, it would only underline the Treaty’s complete lack of democratic legitimacy."

Ye Gods, is this an example of the low level from which the British electorate has to choose?

 If the British people do not like the Lisbon Treaty, your obvious course of action is........? 

 If the Lisbon Treaty has a complete lack of democratic legitmacy, your course of action is.......? 

 If your 'revered leader' - question: how do you spot a potential Conservative minister; answer: they all have stains on their tongues - is campaigning on remaining a member of the EU, your course of action is.........?

One wonders whether the brightest of the bunch have worked out the answers yet!

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