Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Other Political Parties

Richard North, EU Referendum, has another good post this time on the subject of the attempts to silence the BNP. 

In his post he makes the point that the Conservatives, Labour and the LibDems will not accept, or cannot realise, that the 'lure' of the smaller parties is due to the fact that the Con/Lab/Lib fraternity have not and do not appear to wish to address certain issues - issues that the smaller parties do address. 

It is also apparent that the Con/Lab/Lib parties will go to any lengths to put the alternative parties out of business, instead of engaging in debate with them.

Quite a neat trick to manage all that - especially when, at the same time, the 'big three' have their individual heads buried in their own rear orifice.


Sue said...

Ed West actually says it all. His views are the same as mine. I think I'm going in the UKIP direction now ;)

Witterings From Witney said...

Thanks for the link Sue - welcome to the club then!

Sue said...

You're very welcome and thank you :)