Monday, 19 October 2009

MP With A Hyprocrasy Problem

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that some MPs are attempting to smear Sir Thomas Legg over his 'punishment' of errant members of their 'club'.

"The plan was revealed by a senior Conservative backbencher angry at being asked to repay several thousand of pounds in expenses. He said: “What I want to know is how much Legg is being paid for all this. I think there are legitimate questions here and we are entitled to know. Why shouldn’t people ask these questions?” 

To this MP, and others like him, one has to ask what his reaction was when we, the public, had legitimate questions and felt entitled to know and were of the opinion that we had the right to ask these questions.

The phrase 'senior Conservative backbencher' does narrow the choice from which to choose the most likely identity of this nameless politician, does it not?

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