Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Three Monkeys & The Speakers Conference

So the 'Great Event' - the appearance of 'See No Evil', 'Speak No Evil' and 'Hear No Evil' at the Speaker's Conference - happened today, where they were questioned by a few of the chimpanzees from the zoo.

The subject for their inquisition appeared to be the under-representation in the House of Commons of women, members of the black and ethnic minority and those whose sexual persuasions differed from most other people. Leaving aside the obvious waste of public money in holding this 'conference' public relations show, what was the purpose of this exercise?

Is it not demeaning to women, the black and ethnic minority and any other section(s) of our society in that it gives the impression they are unable to compete on a level playing field? Surely the selection of a candidate to stand at any election should be based on political views, personality, character etc and not their gender, skin colour and sexual orientation?

Politicians endlessly pontificate about transparency and devolution of power, yet politicians still insist dictating to the electorate on the matter of choice, which is what 'selection lists' are. What, in effect, politicians are saying to the electorate is: "You can choose, but you must choose from within the parameters we have set"

They really don't understand this democracy thingy - do they?

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