Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Now Hain 'Gets It' - Or Does He?

The Independent quotes Peter Hain, who has been campaigning to have Nick Griffin barred from taking part as a panellist on Question time, as saying that Mr Thompson "shows no willingness or ability to genuinely review his own decision" and was "too close to the decision". 

So now Perma Tan knows how we the people feel when we (a) want a referendum but are refused and (b) when, as a parent, we try to get our children back from social services, but find we can't; and how especially cricket lovers feel agrieved with prats that decide to dig up a cricket pitch in the middle of a test match between South Africa and England!

All actions taken by people who have never showed willingness or ability to genuinely review their decisions and were too close to the decision.

Welcome to the real world PT, in the creation of which you have been a party.

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