Sunday, 25 October 2009

Klaus' Last Stand - With Apologies to General Custer

The Times is reporting that Vaclav Klaus is supposedly making one last attempt to derail the Lisbon Treaty.

"Twenty years after the restoration of our democracy and sovereignty, we are once again dealing with the question whether we should — this time voluntarily, based on our free will — give up the position of a sovereign state and hand over decision-making on our own matters to European institutions that are outside of the democratic control of our citizens."

Listen Vac - of Hoover fame? - much as I admire your attempts on our behalf, could we just have less of the 'twenty years' bit and remember that we, in this country, have bloody centuries of democracy and sovereignty and fat lot of good it has done us!

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Anonymous said...

Prat! Do try to remember the context.For Cz,those 20 years are in marked contrast to the previous 50. A model liberal democracy from its post-Versailles inception with,unusually for the region,a developed industrial base,Cz was abandoned to Hitler in 1938 and then to the communists in 1948.Their sudden freedom of 20 years ago contrasts with the slow decline of liberty in the western countries in the same time frame.
They have known the extremes of tyranny already,we are about to discover them for ourselves.