Saturday, 24 October 2009

Postscript To 'Housing Association Interviews'

Further to the post, entitled as above, I reproduce an ode from shelteredhousinguk. Corny it might be, however verses 5 ande 6 say it all!

"Lives filled with trials and tribulations,
as well as times of bliss.
We soldiered on through love and war,
its time to reminisce.

Our duty done our families raised,
grandchildren at our feet.
What'er we've done is history now,
our lives are near complete.

Time to think how best we can
be safe as life's undone.
We need a plan to see us through
the frailty to come.

Sheltered housing points the way,
it should remove the worry.
They do all the donkey work,
so we do not have to hurry.

What forethought generations past
built these places for the old,
What vision and what solicitude,
for our care they were so bold.

But newer younger people,
that life's experience lack,
For them truth's not grey through white.
Its only white or black.

You do not need a Warden,
this generation call.
We have been to university,
and thus we know it all.

What poppycock affects the old,
that they should even dare.
To think that their very ageing
entitles them to care.

For Wardens we will pay no more.
who heard of such nonsence.
This world we have recreated,
is run on Pounds and Pence.

So lonely as you were before,
then lonely you shall be.
There is no place for coffee mornings
and biscuits and afternoon tea.

Please just get out quietly ,
and do not make a fuss.
Its really quite distressing
that you should bother us.

So hark ye elderly citizen,
long past the days of yore.
Gone is Sheltered Housing
it does not exist 'no more'!"

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