Saturday, 24 October 2009

On Rule For Them And One Rule For ...........

Christopher Booker writes an article on the disparity on the level of 'punishment' levied on Ukip when compared to the Liberal Democrats for breaking the law on 'donations'.

I have posted previously on the inability - or cowardice - of the three main parties to debate with what they refer to as 'minor parties', regardless of the subject matter. With BNP - the political party, not the bank - many comments have been written in both the media and the blogosphere - that they should be banned. WTF, they are a legal political party, with duly elected representatives, as are Ukip.

In respect of Ukip, instead of hiding behind the skirts of an unelected and unaccountable body in the hope that that body will 'kill' the opposition, debate with them! Setting to one side anyone's political views, it is hoped that any reasonable, fair-minded person would agree that the difference in the punishment levied by the Electoral Commission is out of all proportion.

Once again, as I have posted previously, David Cameron has been invited three times to debate with the Witney branch of the UK Independence Party the question of Britain's membership of the European Union and on each occasion he has declined. What is he afraid of? If he is so sure of his case for that membership then why is he so afraid? It must be as case of 'Put up or shut up'!

The example of David Cameron is not, I hasten to add, criticising one political leader or the party he represents - it is applicable to both Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Come on chaps, or do you all fit the description of 'Big Girl's Blouse'?

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