Saturday, 31 October 2009

Global Warming & Localism

A couple of points from Simon Heffer's comment piece in today's Daily Telegraph on the two subjects above.

Firstly on global warming/climate change Heffer makes this point: "........ I simply don’t believe in man-made global warming. As John Redwood so aptly put it a few years ago, the surface temperature of Mars has risen markedly in the past few decades, but they have yet to find the 4x4s that caused it."

Secondly, on the subject of Kent County Council wanting more grammar schools and the dislike of this by Cameron, Heffer says: ".... Kent should not just be allowed to expand existing schools – it should have the right to open new ones.....". Is that not what 'localism' is about - letting local authorities do what those living within its area want? What business is it of central government? Like Labour and the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives only pay lip-service to the idea of localism.

While we are on the subject of 'localism', while the aforementioned parties continue to adhere to membership of the EU we will never get true 'localism' in this country - is the wish to rule ourselves not 'localism', in a broader sense?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Correct. Either you're an EU-phile or a localist. The two are diametrically opposed.