Saturday, 31 October 2009

Too True For Once, Lord Heseltine!

Politics Home reports on the 'Straight Talk' programme hosted by Andrew Neil, with Lord Heseltine as the interviewee, in which Heseltine apparently believes that a 'Hung Parliament' is likely, come the next General election and goes on to say: "But then you come to another problem is that there are not many parties - I can think of some, one in Northern Ireland - that will form any sort of relationship with the Conservative," he will say." and "I think that David is doing a very good job....."
Two points: Firstly, on the basis the present government is hated by just about all the electorate and that there is not much to choose between Labour and Conservative, it stands to reason that were a 'Hung Parliament' to become a reality, then Cameron may well have that problem - hardly 'rocket science' is it? With regard to Heseltine's comment that Cameron is doing a good job, well he would think that would he not - after all Cameron is not only a closet Europhile but in so being has managed to keep the question of Britain's membership of the EU out of public debate - something for which Heseltine is only too grateful!

And Heseltine's words are given the weight of an 'elder statesman'? Ye Gods!

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