Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sunday Or Not.........What The.............!

Pauline Howe wrote to Norwich City Council complaining about a gay pride march in the city centre during July and then gets interviewed by the police for holding 'inappropriate' views??

The response of Stonewall and the police is indicative of the state society has sunk in this country when a persons views can be considered a crime. I find homosexual's practices somewhat offensive and whilst I do not demonstrate against them - each to their own, as they say - perhaps both Stonewall and the police had better take note that if I wish to publicly criticise homosexuals, or anyone else, I will do so.

Perhaps Norwich City Council and Norfolk Constabulary need to 'get a life' and perhaps a tad of common sense injected into their politically correct 'mission statements'. And to think that those living in Norfolk have part of their council tax diverted to keep brain-dead idiots like these two bodies in existence? No doubt JuliaM at Ambush Predator will take this reported story and tear it apart - me, I am too annoyed to do so at the moment.

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