Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sixth Form Diplomas - Two-Tier Qualification

The Daily Telegraph reports that "The Government’s flagship sixth form diplomas risk becoming a two tier qualification dominated by brighter pupils, college lecturers have warned." The print edition of the paper is slightly different and contains this "A survey of 133 colleges found many teachers were concerned that the requirements for literacy and numeracy were too high, restricting diplomas to high achievers." And there was I thinking that diplomas were something special, only earned by someone with a superior intellect - well they were when I was at school in the 50s, which is why I never got one!

Then we read that the further five courses, to be introduced in September, will feature business, environmental studies, hair and beauty, and manufacturing. So at least the government has accomplished one thing - that those having their hair cut in years to come can rest assured that they will be served by 'green loving' 'barnet-cutters', who supposedly will know what they are doing, will have the ability to not only give the right change but also know how to make a cup of tea or coffee properly rather than press the appropriate button on a machine!

And when one looks at the Association of Colleges website, the 'quango' & 'fake charity' alarm bells start to ring! Not only a London office but nine regional offices - wow! And a Charitable Trust - wowee!

The more one looks at quangos/advisory bodies/NGOs and their like it would seem that the proposed bonfire is not enough - we need to 'nuke the bastards'* and in so doing achieve ours.

* Bill Pullman in Independence Day

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