Saturday, 17 October 2009

Alastair Campbell - Twisted Logic?

Alastair Campbell has joined the 'hate Jan Moir' campaign with his latest offering on his blog, it was noticed this morning.

I have resisted the urge to join the debate on Jan Moir's article as those comments that I had seen appeared to be unreasoned and 'orchestrated' by similar people with the same queer views.

"So in this instance I was able to take his paper and put it into the nearest Camden Council recycling box in a neighbour's front garden, and then explain to the cabbie why he and his life would be happier, healthier and all round better if he gave it up." Oh Alastair, were we able to take all Labour's policies and put them in the nearest rycycling box whilst explaining to them that we too would be happier, healthier and all round better had New Labour - Blair, Brown and yourself - never existed!

Anna Raccoon has a far more 'reasoned' post on the Jan Moir Affair here and, as she says in answer to some of the commenters, it is the hyprocisy of the critics and those of the queer ideas which offends her, a view of which I completely agree!

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