Thursday, 22 October 2009

What Is The Point Of Parliament?

Douglas Carswell posts two YouTube videos depicting the presentation of Recall and Open Primaries Bill and his speech in the Consitution debate. In the first clip there are but 7 of his own side in attendance and in the second 5 of his own side and just 2 on the benches opposite. The proposal of a new Bill and a debate on our constitution are two matters on which one would have thought our representatives would be clamouring to speak.

Allowing that leaders of parties, ministers, committee members, etc may well have other duties demanding their absence from the chamber, where were the other, approximately, 350/400 odd MPs? Other than their attendance at PMQs, which they attend in the hope they can be seen on our tv screens putting some inane, 'patsy' question to which the PM then supplies an equally inane reply, what exactly do they do? What are we getting in return for their £64K salaries, their staff, office and communication allowances? If, as it appears, they cannot be bothered to take part in debates - and on attendance, the two featured are the norm, not the exception - why do they need grand, overnight accommodation to stay in London?

If MPs wish to be taken seriously and have their work respected - then can we see some?

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Fausty said...

Just goes to show that the current system suits them just fine.

Contrast Carswell's speech (to an empty HoC) with Cameron's answers to Peter Oborne (see Guido's post today).

Carswell and Cameron both "get it", but only Carswell sincerely wants to actually deliver.