Friday, 30 October 2009

Do MPs Not Have Answering Machines?

I was struck by a letter in today's Daily Telegraph written by S.E. Hancock, part of which reads:

"If MP's spouses aren't paid, is it reasonable to expect them to continue to accompany their partners to numerous events without any reward?  Sharing the home inevitably requires a degree of involvement in the day-to-day political life of an MP (just answering the phone and taking messages could be a full-time job for many). It is seldom "nine to five" and will always intrude on normal domestic life."

For Gods sake, S.E. Hancock, do MP's not have an answering machine? How many people are there telephoning the home of an MP? Party workers, other MPs, their central office? And the telephone rings all day? Were I married, and my wife had to take a message for me due to my not being at home, I would have to pay her????? Likewise were the situation reversed, I could claim payment from my wife?? FFS! Oh, and don't MPs have mobile telephones?

Would not any normal wife, if she truly loved her husband - and not wishing to upset the 'illogical' PC brigade, if a partner/husband truly loved his/her 'other-half' - would he/she not be only too pleased to help his/her MP partner/wife/husband in his work? Would the partner/wife/husband not be only too pleased to have a 'day out'?

This letter, from S.E. Hancock, just demonstrates the ridiculous, low level that the subject of MPs remuneration - and that of their families, where they are 'employed' - has reached.

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