Thursday, 29 October 2009

BBC 'Censorship'

From the report in the Telegraph of Mark Thompson, BBC director general, appearing in front of a House of Lords Communications Committee:

"He said that did not mean the BNP would be on every week, but very occasionally, as with other minor parties, "there will be occasions where it feels right to invite them (on the) programme."
Pressed on how often minor parties should appear, he said: "I would say that we're talking about, in the case of a party which...if it continued to receive that level of support, appearances (would) probably be no more than once a year and could be less.

Mark Thompson needs to be reminded that all parties, regardless of their level of support, are legally recognised parties, with representatives elected by means of a democratic process and are therfore entitled to equal access to 'air time'. 'As with other minor parties' - so for example Ukip, which came second in the last countrywide election is a 'minor party'? And 'minor parties' appearances on any BBC political programme are dependent on the say-so of one Mark Thompson? And who the bloody hell elected you, Mark Thompson?

As the BBC are so heavily in favour of 'balance' and as the British public considers the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats offer nothing to choose between them, why not have 'another voice' to provide said balance? Oh Mark, another suggestion - kick off the bloody celeb. Their contribution would appear to be on a par with that of your contribution to the well-being of the BBC - pointless!

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