Saturday, 31 October 2009

Cameron, The EU, Leadership & Social Engineering

Charles Moore, writing the main comment piece in today's Daily Telegraph, raises a few interesting points.

David Cameron maintains that he offers 'leadership'. where the present government have failed miserably he contends - all very noble. However, Charles Moore is spot on when he writes: "Where are the modern Tory ideas about how to break down the concentrations of European power and return it to people?" Touching on the now famous 'We will not let matters rest there' policy of the Conservatives. Charles Moore is, again spot on, when he writes: ".....the bad faith which the Tories have tried to deploy at election after election. They "won't let the matter rest" if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, they say. But anyone can see that letting the matter rest is exactly what, psychologically, they want." Exactly!

Also, in his article, Charles Moore, obliquely, raises the question of social engineering when he mentions Tony Blair's 'negating annihilating the forces of conservatism' - oh that we did indeed have a force of 'conservertism' in politics today, but yet again I digress. In mentioning Brown et all's attempt to culturally annihilate any political doctrine but their own, Moore writes: "And they see the European Union, with its power and money and its hatred of any challenge to its authority, as their last, best hope of smashing Conservatism forever."

Recently we had the accusation by Andrew Neather that, in opening the UK's borders, Labour had engaged in social engineering. Yet what is this aim of the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats of remaining a member of the EU - against the majority wish of the people - if it is not a form of 'social engineering'? And for three parties that supposedly believe in 'democracy', is it not a contradiction of their principles 'troughing' that they continue to defy the wishes of those who elect them?

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