Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Demise Of The BNP?

Thanks to Sue who, commenting on the previous post, points me in the direction of this article in the Daily Telegraph by Ed West who makes some astute observations.

For some time now Ukip have had a raft of policies, which the MSM tend to ignore and which is probably the reason that it is not generally known.

"Lord Pearson also plans to introduce Swiss-style referenda on major issues, subject to a million signatures, and to limit Parliament’s remit only to national affairs (so foxhunting, for example, would be decided by local assemblies and local referenda). And he would also reduce the number of MPs to 250. What’s not to like?"

MPs  (and far fewer of them) only dealing with national matters, local matters dealt with by local authorities and local referenda - as Ed West says "Whats not to like?"

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