Thursday, 29 October 2009

Another Mindless Suggestion By Gordon Brown

One really does have to wonder at the level of intelligence required to reach the dizzy heights of 'Head Honcho' of one section of the Atlantic Region* of the EU.

In the latest 'waffling' by our Head Honcho, discussing the candidacy of Tony Blair for the post of Prez of the EU, he states: "I think it's in the British national interest to have a British person as President of the European council......." presumably trying to make us Brits believe that he [Blair] would 'stand up' for Britain.

Not read the 'conditions of employment' for EU employees lately, Gordon? You had no idea that EU employees cannot put their national interests before those of the EU?

Gordon, you really are the biggest twat the world has had the misfortune to suffer.

* "The Atlantic Region stretches from the top of the United Kingdom and Ireland down to the northern shores of Spain and Portugal, encompassing all of the Netherlands and parts of Germany, Denmark, Belgium and France along the way."

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